Danube Guides Action

Brief information

"Danube Guides Action" focuses on the further training and professionalisation of the 93 Danube Guides who were trained as part of a pilot action in the EU project LENA (INTERREG B, Danube Transnational Programme, 2017-2019). Danube Guides are specialised nature and culture guides for the Danube region. Their aim is to convey the valuable natural and cultural heritage of the Danube region to various target groups (tourists, schoolchildren, the local population, children, people with disabilities, etc.) through suitable programmes. In this way, a contribution is made to environmental protection and awareness-raising in the Danube region. Needs-based training and network meetings support the trained guides in developing their own high-quality educational and adventure programmes. Another key aspect is the stabilisation and further development of cooperation between the project partners (PP) in the field of environmental education, in order to create a (regional and transnational) Danube Guides network.

Project partner
5 project partners from 5 countries
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State Ministry Baden-Württemberg
94,362 € (Rate 75 %)
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Lead partner
Danube Office Ulm/Neu-Ulm
Project duration
01.10.2020 - 30.09.2022
Total budget
125.816 €

Project measures

Danube Guides Network/Cooperation

  • Three transnational meetings are planned for knowledge sharing, networking and learning from each other, as well as for discussing project progress and clarifying questions on general project management. The kick-off meeting will be held digitally due to the Corona pandemic.
  • 2-3 bilateral meetings with relevant network partners. The meetings take place in person in compliance with the hygiene protection measures or digitally.

Capacity building and intensification

  • All PPs organise intensification and networking workshops for the Danube Guides in the respective country with a focus on capacity building and support in the development of environmental education measures.
  • Further knowledge transfer and training of the Danube Guides is achieved in the course of webinars. In two to three webinars, specific knowledge can be conveyed through an expert lecture and an exchange of good practice can be facilitated.


  • Within the framework of "Danube Guides Action", the already existing homepage (www.danubeguides.net) will be expanded, updated and continuously maintained. The homepage will list the offers developed by the guides.
  • There will also be a joint flyer to provide information about the Danube Guides. In addition, the project will be promoted at Danube-related international events in which the PPs participate.

Project goals

Empowering Danube Guides to independently develop integrated environmental education programmes and to improve those already in place.

  • Establish sustainable cooperation between partner organisations, Danube Guides trainers and Danube Guides at regional and transnational level.
  • Further qualification and professionalisation of the Danube Guides through regional intensification courses for competence and knowledge enhancement (capacity building).
  • Raising awareness among different target groups for the Danube as a lifeline and a connecting natural and cultural space worthy of protection.

Project partner

Danube Office Ulm/Neu-Ulm

WWF Bulgaria

Comana Nature Park Administration

Backi Monostor

Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska


Danube Office Ulm/Neu-Ulm


WWF Bulgaria


Comana Nature Park Administration


NGO Podunav


Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, BSC, Business Support Center, Ltd, Kranj

Media library

Kick-off conference


Danube Office launches new transnational project, continuing the work with the trained Danube Guides along the Danube

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Video Kick-Off


Video of the kick-off event in the Danube Guides Action project

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Press article on Danube Guides Action in the SWP


Environmental protection The nature and culture guides Danube Guides are also to work increasingly in environmental education in the future.

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Danube webinar


In the webinar, Nick Thorpe reports on his experiences on his Danube journeys. Dr Wolf-Henning Petershagen gives an insight into the history of the Danube as an important transport route.

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Press article Danube Guides offers in Ulm


At the age of 30, Jörg Zenker trained as a tour guide, and now he has also become a Danube Guide and knows all the stories from and about the Danube.

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Article in Danube Connects

May 2021

As special nature & culture guides for the Danube region, 93 women and men are further trained and professionalised in the project "Danube Guides Action".

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Intensification course at the Heuneburg


As lead partner in the project, the Danube Office organised the first intensification course for the German Danube Guides at the Celtic site near Herbertingen

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Danube Guides on the radio


Sophie Mebus reports on Radio FreeFM about current guided tours and offers of the Danube Guides for all residents of Ulm and Neu-Ulm.

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Project completion


Danube Guides Action officially ended in September 2022. The balance of the project is quite positive: During the so-called onboarding training, 18 new Danube Guides from 6 countries were trained.

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