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Als neuer Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Ulm führt diese Martin Ansbacher in die Donaustadt Bratislava


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The Danube Office

The Danube Office Ulm/Neu-Ulm is a non-profit limited company of the cities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm and a municipal motor of cooperation in the Danube region. It is divided into three core areas of activity: Projects, Network and Events with the International Danube Festival - the Danube Office has been facilitating, supporting and promoting encounters, understanding, interregional cooperation and development in the entire Danube region since 2002.

Thematic focal points are the areas of: Sustainable mobility, environment, development cooperation, youth, culture as well as current socio-politically relevant topics & challenges of particular importance.

Particularly in our role as the first regional centre, our region Ulm & Neu-Ulm, with its close historical ties to the Danube, would like to strengthen cooperation in the Danube region as a driving force and source of impetus.

In doing so, we support the goals of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region and the plans of the state of Baden-Württemberg to expand and strengthen relations with South-Eastern Europe at all levels in the interest of its future viability. The cities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm strive to make this a common concern of the states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.


Everything revolves around the European elections

by Katharina Lauhöfer | Interview on Radio Free FM

100. Mahnwache für die Ukraine


Am Tag vor Kriegsbeginn im Februar 2022 hat es in Ulm die erste Mahnwache unter dem Motto “Solidarität mit der Ukraine” gegeben. Mehr als zwei Jahre später gibt es sie immer noch. Zum 100. Mal fand am Mittwoch die Mahnwache “Solidarität mit der Ukraine” in Ulm und Neu-Ulm statt.

Zum Beitrag des SWR

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Declaration Pakt der Freien Städte


Martin Ansbacher, Ralph Seiffert und Sebastian Rihm als Ulmer/ Neu-Ulmer Vertreter beim 4. Jahrestreffen des Paktder Freien Städte in Bratislava. Martin Ansbacher trat dem von Personen getragenen Bündnis bei und bekennt sich zu den Werten der Gründungserklärung.

Zur Erklärung 

Project start - Danube Guides Action 2


On 10 April, we had the pleasure of welcoming our seven project partners from seven countries, who had travelled to the Danube Office in Ulm in varying delegation sizes and with different means of transport. An important working and networking meeting took place in Ulm to mark the start of the new Danube Guides Action 2 project.

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Danube Festival Calarasi in Romania


This weekend, the first Danube Festival took place in Călărași, Romania. For today's international Danube Day, we show you impressions of the festival and demands from civil society, which were developed during the festival and are directed at politics, society and companies. 


Mobility Management Training


In the Transdanube Travel Stories project, a mobility management training took place in Hungary and Slovakia in September 2021. In the training, stakeholders from the Danube countries were trained on sustainable mobility and how to communicate sustainable travel. A special focus was on the combination of theory and practice.

Transdanube Travel Stories E-Learning Teaser


The project results of the Transdanube Travel Stories project are captured in a video-based e-learning. The teaser provides a first insight into the e-learning.



Danube Guides Action 2
Danube Guides Action 2

Danube Guides Action 2« wird als Anschlussprojekt des Projekts „Danube Guides Action“ vom Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg gefördert.

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EEA Along the Danube
EEA Along the Danube

The European Energy Award is a quality management and certification procedure that is already established in the European reference...

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The network is the backbone of the Danube Office's work. Whether in the area of projects or events, without a strong network of partners these would hardly be realisable.

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