Lecturer Andreas Schoenrock

The trained audio engineer Andreas Schoenrock gained practical experience in diverse domains of the music industry before graduating in Communications, Musicology and Technical Acoustics (M. A.) at both the Technical University and the Humboldt-University (Berlin) in 2009.

Besides technical and editorial functions in broadcasting he worked as a project executive for a record label. Interning at Digital Domain (Orlando/FL) Andreas was able to deepen his knowledge in audio engineering with an icon of the subject: Bob Katz. Consequently he established his own business „Studio Schoenrock“ in Berlin/Stuttgart. Apart from musical content such as mastering, mixing and music production Andreas works as an Audio Consultant on matters of Audio Branding.

He is a PhD student under Prof. Dr. Peter Wicke at the Humboldt-University in Berlin and works as a research assistant at the „Institut für Kulturmanagement“ in Ludwigsburg.