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Dr. Patrick S. Föhl

Dr Patrick S. Föhl acquired his PhD in arts management and has a degree in cultural work. In 2004 he founded the Network for Cultural Consulting (www.netzwerk-kulturberatung.de). Since 2006 he has also been the head of the Regional Governance research group in the Cultural Work Program at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (www. regional-governance-kultur.de). In both positions he conducts various cultural planning projects. E.g. for the Cultural Region Stuttgart, City of Potsdam, City of Plovdiv, various cities and counties in Brandenburg. Besides that he has worked for different cultural institutions (e.g. Jewish Museum Berlin, Klassik Stiftung Weimar) since 1996. He is guest lecturer and speaker at various universities, colleges and institutions at home and abroad (e.g. Austria, Egypt, Pakistan, Poland, Switzerland, United States and Vietnam). He has published extensively in the field of arts management and cultural policy. He has been on the board of the Fachverband Kulturmanagement since 2013.


Recent monographs and co-editorships:

  • Das barrierefreie Museum (Barrier free museum; Bielefeld 2007)
  • Regionale Kooperationen im Kulturbereich (Regional cooperation in the cultural field; Bielefeld 2009)
  • Das Kulturpublikum (Cultural audience; second, expanded edition, Wiesbaden 2011)
  • Nachhaltige Entwicklung in Kulturmanagement und Kulturpolitik (Sustainable development in arts management and cultural policy; Wiesbaden 2011)
  • Kooperationen und Fusionen von öffentlichen Theatern (Collaborations and mergers of public theaters; Wiesbaden 2011)
  • Kulturmanagement als Wissenschaft (Arts management as a science; Bielefeld 2014).