Danube Parks

1.Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve


A Garden of Eden for People and Wildlife

Dobrogea, Tulcea County, Constanta County and Galati County in southeastern Romania



2. Srebarna Nature Reserve


An El Dorado for the Dalmatian Pelican




3. Kalimok-Brushlen Protected Site


The Fish’s Cradle

Location: Silistra and Ruse Regions, Tutrakan and Slivo Pole municipalities, northeastern Bulgaria




4. Rusenski Lom Nature Park


Rock monasteries in the river valley

Location: Ruse Region




5. Persina Nature Park


Where White-tailed Eagles Soar

Location: Nikopol, Belene and Svishtov, Bulgaria



6. Derdap National Park


Where the Danube River breaks through the Carpathians

Location: The Djerdap National Park is situated in the south-east of Europe, in the north-east of the Republic of Serbia, along the international border with Romania.




7. Gornje Podunavlje Nature Reserve


Black Storks and Butterflies

Location: Bordering Kopa?ki rit and the Danube-Dráva National Park, Province of Vojvodina, along the left bank of the Danube, northwestern Serbia




8. Kopa?ki rit Nature Park


Journey into the Heart of the Wetland

Location: The corner formed by Danube and the Drava River, Bilje, Croatia



9. Lonjsko Polje Nature Park


A living landscape and floodplain ecosystem of the Central Sava River Basin

Location: Alongside the central course of the Sava River, about 75 km downstream from Zagreb



10. Duna-Dráva National Park


High banks, Wild Cats and Oxbow Lakes

Location: Croatian and Serbian state border, Hungarian part of Dráva River, Hungary



11. Duna-Ipoly National Park


Into the Caves of the Danube

Location: Esztergom, Hungary




12. Dunajské luhy Landscape Protected Area


An Inland River Delta

Location: Slovak - Hungarian section of the Danube from Bratislava to the Vl’kolélsky ostrov island in the district Komárno, southwestern Slovakia



13. Záhorie Protected Landscape Area


Wind, Sand and Stars

Location: Záhorská nížina lowland, between the Morava River and Malé Karpaty Mountains, western Slovakia



14. Donau-Auen National Park


Free Flowing and Ever Changing

Location: Between Vienna and Bratislava, mostly in Lower Austria





15. Donauauwald Neuburg-Ingolstadt


Orchids and Royal Legacy

Location: Landkreis Neuburg – Schrobenhausen, Stadt Ingolstadt, Germany